The 42nd Annual SSF-IIIHS Int’l Conference
The World’s Longest Running Science and Spirituality Summit

The Conference Layout

Our ten-day conference is divided into “sessions” of two to four hours, with individual sessions featuring up to five speakers. There are 29 sessions in total, grouped into three large sections: Weekend 1 (with 7 sessions), College Week (with 15 sessions), and Weekend 2 (with 7 sessions). The Weekend 1 section begins on Friday evening, followed by morning, afternoon and evening sessions on Saturday and Sunday. The College Week section follows, extending from Monday to Friday with morning, afternoon and evening sessions on each day, and concluding with the Friday afternoon session. The Weekend 2 section opens with the Friday evening session, and is followed by morning, afternoon and evening sessions on Saturday and Sunday. Most sessions feature preludes and/or postludes that are included in the price of the session. The presentations in Weekend 1 (Sessions 1 – 7) run consecutively; the presentations in College Week (Sessions 8 – 22) and Weekend 2 (Sessions 23 – 29) run concurrently, so you must choose only one of the simultaneous presentations.

You can purchase sessions individually, or take advantage of package discounts for the Full Conference, the Weekend 1 section, the College Week section, the Weekend 2 section, or any full day of three sessions. In addition, there are a few optional activities (luncheons, all-day workshops, two-day workshops, etc.) that are charged separately (indicated by the term “extra-registration”).

Here's a tree view of the Conference layout:

  • Weekend 1
    • Session 1
      • Friday Evening: Opening Ceremonies, Drs James & Desiree Hurtak
    • Session 2
      • Saturday Morning: Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. Emiliano Toso, Dr. Ana Francesca Garcia Trelles
    • Session 3
      • Saturday Afternoon: Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Dr. John Ryan, Dr. Norman Shealy, Dr. Cairo Rocha
    • Session 4
      • Saturday Evening: Dr. Eben Alexander, Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo
    • Session 5
      • Sunday Morning: Ed McGaa, Jamye Price, Dr. Judith Moore
    • Session 6
      • Sunday Afternoon: Dr. Eric Pearl, Dr. R. Craig Hogan, Dr. Raymond Moody, Gisela Krützberg
    • Session 7
      • Sunday Evening: Ordination of SSF Interfaith Ministers
  • College Week
    • Session 8
      • Monday Morning: Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, Dr. Norman Shealy; Dr. John Ryan (ADW)
    • Session 9
      • Monday Afternoon: Jamye Price, Dr. Eric Pearl, Dr. Eben Alexander & Karen Newell, Dr. Cairo Rocha
    • Session 10
      • Monday Evening: Gisela Krützberg, Ed McGaa, Panel on Life-After-Death, Dr. Elaine Valdov
    • Session 11
      • Tuesday Morning: Dr. R. Craig Hogan, Dr. Raymond Moody; Ed McGaa
    • Session 12
      • Tuesday Afternoon: Paul Perry, Dr. Lilly Rahmann, Drs James & Desiree Hurtak
    • Session 13
      • Tuesday Evening: Dr. Courtney Brown, Dr. Melvin Morse, Desda Zuckerman, DreamCraft Music Ensemble
    • Session 14
      • Wednesday Morning: Dr. Olga Mandodari, Dr. Cairo Rocha, Dr. Emily Markides; Desda Zuckerman (ADW)
    • Session 15
      • Wednesday Afternoon: Dr. Courtney Brown, Dr. Kyriacos Markides, Shaykh Abdul Haqq, Rabbi David Cadoch
    • Session 16
      • Wednesday Evening: Juan Cayuela, Dr. Emiliano Toso, Juan de Dios Carrascosa
    • Session 17
      • Thursday Morning: Dr. Judith Moore, Dr. Marilyn Parkin, Dr. Susan Campbell-Fournel
    • Session 18
      • Thursday Afternoon: Dr. Fadel Behman
    • Session 19
      • Thursday Afternoon: College Graduation Ceremonies
    • Session 20
      • Thursday Evening: Juan Cayuela, Dr. Emiliano Toso, Juan de Dios Carrascosa
    • Session 21
      • Friday Morning: Dr. Sonal Bhatt, Hasu Patel, Rev. Dr. Mikel Lizarralde
    • Session 22
      • Friday Afternoon: Dr. Patch Adams, Juan Cayuela, Dr. Robert Alcorn & Dr. Barbara Stone
  • Weekend 2
    • Session 23
      • Friday Evening: Weekend 2 Opening Ceremonies, Dr. Amit Goswami & Dr. Valentina Onisor, Dr. Dorothy Sekhukhune, Bishop Dr. Kevin Daniels
    • Session 24
      • Saturday Morning: Rev. John White, David Barcos, Bishop Dr. Kevin Daniels; Goswami/Onisor (Day 1 of 2)
    • Session 25
      • Saturday Afternoon: Dr. François Tessier, Dr. Michael Pyfrom, Dr. Madan Bali, Dr. Lilly Rahmann
    • Session 26
      • Saturday Evening: Dr. Ana Francesca Garcia Trelles, Dr. Sofia Villamarin, Dr. Mary Swaine
    • Session 27
      • Sunday Morning: Dr. Constant Madon, Dr. Raquel Cachafeiro; Goswami/Onisor (Day 2 of 2)
    • Session 28
      • Sunday Afternoon: Dr. Raul Valverde, Dr. Gannu Praveen Kumar
    • Session 29
      • Sunday Evening: Festival Celebration of The Spirit

You can jump to any session using the menu at the top of each page (click Sessions and then the session number you want to check out), or by clicking on a session link on the tree above. Alternatively, you can browse through the session pages sequentially by using the links at the bottom of each page. The presenters names on the session pages link to their short bios on the presenters pages. Conversly, at the end of each bio, there are links to each session where that speaker appears, so that you can jump back and forth.

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