The 42nd Annual SSF-IIIHS Int’l Conference
The World’s Longest Running Science and Spirituality Summit

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Dr. Patch Adams

Patch Adams, MD

Dr. Patch Adams is well known as both a medical doctor and a clown, but he is also a social activist who has devoted 30 years to changing America’s healthcare system, a system that he describes as expensive and elitist. "Extraordinary! Incredibly, mind blowing and memorable," are words used to describe the real man behind the hit movie Patch Adams, starring Robin Williams. We are privileged to have Dr. Patch join us at our Conference here in Montréal. He believes that laughter, joy and creativity are an integral part of the healing process, and that true health care must incorporate these aspects of life.

Session 22a

Dr. Robert Alcorn

Robert W. Alcorn, MD

Dr. Robert Alcorn is a board certified psychiatrist, practicing in Ohio. He is Medical Director of Alternative Paths, Inc., a community mental health center. After more than 35 years in the practice of psychiatry, he has begun incorporating hands-on subtle energy treatments and shamanic interventions in his practice. These interventions include soul retrieval, divination, and removal of intruding earthbound spirits. He is the author of Healing Stories: My Journey from Mainstream Psychiatry Toward Spiritual Healing.

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Dr. Eben Alexander

Eben Alexander III, MD

Dr. Eben Alexander is the author of Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife, documenting his 2008 near-death experience, and the insights it fostered. He is Chairman of Eternea, a non-profit organization furthering the awareness of eternal existence. Dr. Alexander has been an academic neurosurgeon for the last 25 years, including 15 years at the Brigham and Women's Hospital, the Boston Children’s Hospital and University of Massachusetts Medical Center. He has authored or co-authored over 150 articles and papers in peer reviewed journals, and has given over 200 presentations at conferences and medical centres around the world.

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Sri Dr. Madan Bali

Sri Madan Bali, PhD

Dr. Madan Bali, the founder of Yoga Bliss, is a Yoga Master, teacher and scholar in the Vedanta tradition of India, an expert in the therapeutic applications of yoga in healing, and a pioneer in scientific research on yoga as a therapy. For the past 45 years, he has successfully introduced yoga as a complimentary form of therapy in psychosomatic disorders. The Bali Method of yoga is based on the principle that the body has the finest technology to generate all its needs, and has led to research with cancer survivors at Hôpital Saint-Luc, in Montréal. Dr. Bali shares simple exercises that encourage a mind-body connection, methods for using the chakra system to harness energy, and meditation and breathing techniques that bring balance and harmony.

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David Barcos

David Barcos

David Barcos is a Spanish NLP therapist and musician, with more than 20 years’ experience working with individuals as well as with renowned international corporations. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing) is a well-known transformational tool that helps people change very quickly. David will demonstrate NLP techniques for dissolving fear, removing blocks, eliminating stress and anxiety, and restoring the true peace within. He offers simple, mindful communication solutions that will enhance your personal and professional relationships.

Session 24b

Dr. Fadel Behman

Fadel Behman, PhD, MSc

Dr. Behman is a Holistic Energy Medicine Specialist. His vast expertise includes over 30 years of research, teaching and therapy using four specific energy approaches. The Behman Technique of Vibrant Living enhances physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. A former medical researcher in oncology, he now works in consciousness studies, psychic research, and holistic Cranio-Sacral technique for energetic wellness. In addition to his practice and research, Dr. Behman teaches courses on Energy Bodies and Chakras, Holistic Health, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Expansion of Consciousness, Meditation, and Awakening Intuition, among others.

Session 18

Dr. Sonal Bhatt

Sonal Bhatt, MD (Ayurveda)

Dr. Sonal is an Ayurvedic physician, a graduate of India’s Jamnagar Ayurvedic University and a registered nutritional consultant (RHNC), in Toronto. She has been an Ayurvedic consultant and Panchkarma specialist, teacher and researcher in India, Canada and the USA. For over 25 years, she has lectured internationally and is currently practicing and teaching Ayurveda and offering holistic health services in Toronto.

Session 21a

Dr. Courtney Brown

Courtney Brown, PhD

Dr. Courtney Brown is a professor, lecturer, author and researcher. He is the Director of The Farsight Institute, a non-profit research and educational organization dedicated to the study of the phenomenon of non-local consciousness known as “remote viewing.” Dr. Brown is also an active film maker and YouTube Partner, having released 12 major films/DVDs on the subject of remote viewing.

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Dr. Raquel Cachafeiro Gil

Raquel Cachafeiro Gil, PhD

For over 20 years, Dr. Raquel Cachafeiro has studied plant morphology: the shape, change and transformation in plants as they develop. She specializes in the interrelationship of human beings with trees and plants. A tireless researcher in the field, she has explored the parallels of her plant studies with how human beings perceive change. Dr. Cachafeiro is the author of The Apple Tree Spirit and The Christmas Pixie, along with other works in Spanish. She studied organic gardening at Emerson University and holds a Doctorate in Therapeutic Counselling.

Session 27b

Rabbi David Cadoch

Rabbi David Cadoch

Rabbi Cadoch received his BA in Philosophy/Psychology from McGill University. After completing a degree in Management at Concordia University, Rabbi Cadoch worked in research and development as a technical communicator and software developer. In 2002, he left the IT profession and dedicated his time to the rabbinate. In 2003, he was conferred Yoreh Yoreh Yadin Yadin semicha ordination from the Rabbinical Seminary Merkaz HaTalmud in Montréal, Quebec, Canada, under the mentorship of R. Aryeh Leib Baron.

Session 15c

Dr. Susan Campbell-Fournel

Susan Campbell-Fournel, PhD, MEd

Dr. Susan Campbell-Fournel holds a Doctorate in Therapeutic Counselling, and is an educational psychologist, certified health educator, coach and nutritional consultant. She has over 30 years’ experience working with individuals, families, elite athletes and Fortune 500 companies, focusing on the link between nutrition, health and behaviour. Dr. Sue has lectured and given workshops throughout Canada and the USA, helping others explore the energy and spirit of food. In her view, “Bringing MINDFULLNESS to our nutrition will make a lifelong impact on our health and spiritual well-being.”

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Juan de Dios Carrascosa

Juan de Dios Carrascosa

Juan De Dios Carrascosa is a Spanish spiritual healer, Reiki master, and author of Ciencia y Conciencia (Science and Consciousness). Answers to many questions are addressed in his workshop: Are we eternal beings in temporary bodies? Do our emotions affect our DNA? What is more real: physical life or imagination? If we see only 3% of all that exists in life, what’s in the other 97%? Is there a higher intelligence? Are we part of an intelligent universe?

Session 16c

Juan Cayuela

Juan Cayuela

Juan Cayuela is the creator and director of the Bioconsciencia® program. Coach, firefighter, former professional athlete and physical education advocate, Juan has coordinated humanitarian projects in Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. In 2000, he traveled to Easter Island, where he spent the next fifteen years training with the island elders. He is a certified ECOREM coach who approaches the subject holistically. To date, he has authored five books: The Way of the Heart; The Lighthouse at the Beginning of Time; The Brotherhood of Light; Bridge; and The Authentic Life Master.

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Bishop Dr. Kevin Daniels

Bishop Kevin Daniels, DMin, EdD

Pastor of St. Martin Church of Christ in Baltimore, MD, Bishop Kevin Daniels’ vision is to develop a ministry that moves from healing to wholeness. Bishop Kevin is a Professor of Social Work at Morgan State University. He is certified in Advanced Studies in Addictions Counseling from Johns Hopkins University and obtained certification in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University. He was recently appointed by the Baltimore City Police Commissioner’s Office as Chaplain for the Western District. Bishop Kevin’s workshop explores the theological, spiritual and scientific possibilities for the New Life.

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The DreamCraft music ensemble is composed of bassist Gordon Saco, vocalist Diana Varela, and vocalist & guitarist Craig Sim Webb, joined by a variety of musical guests. The DreamCraft Enchanted Music Ensemble warmly welcomes you aboard to enjoy a unique “inneractive” heart, mind, and soul adventure. Take flight on a tapestry of kirtan, multicultural music, inspiring visuals, and innovative experiential upliftment. Friendly warning: Spacious headroom (and heartroom) is provided, so heavy baggage can be left behind.

Session 13d

Ana Francisca García Trelles

Ana Francisca García Trelles, PhD

Dr. Ana has over 30 years of research and teaching experience in psycho-physical techniques of healing and therapy. The creator of the “Academy of Wisdom and Healing” (ESYS) and the Congress Foro ACCE, she has participated in radio and television programs exploring parapsychology using a variety of spiritual healing techniques, yoga, chi kung, and meditation. She is certified by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science in Quantum Hypnosis by INTESA. Dr. Ana is also a Master of Chikong del Cielo, the direct line of Master Wan Su.

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Dr. Amit Goswami

Amit Goswami, PhD

Theoretical Quantum Physicist Dr. Amit Goswami is a revolutionary amongst a growing body of renegade scientists. In recent years, Dr. Goswami has ventured into the domain of the spiritual, in an attempt to interpret the seemingly inexplicable findings of various experiments and to validate intuitions about the existence of a spiritual dimension of life. A prolific writer, teacher, and visionary, Dr. Goswami has appeared in several films: What the Bleep do we know!?; Dalai Lama Renaissance; as well as the award-winning documentary, The Quantum Activist.

Session 23a; Sessions 24 & 27 (Two-Day Workshop)

Rev. Paula Guia Marco

Rev. Paula Guia Marco

Rev. Paula Guia is a Spanish-Canadian medium, clairvoyant, tarot reader and teacher, trained at SSF-IIIHS in Montréal, with additional spiritual studies in Mexico, Spain and the UK. A gifted medium, Rev. Paula is dedicated to teaching and helping others embrace their divine gifts of communication with the spirit world. She explores a variety of teaching techniques with her students, as they embark on the journey to discover their own divine gifts.

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Shaykh Abdul Haqq

Shaykh Abdul Haqq

Shaykh Abdul Haqq grew up in Chicago with the American name of Peter. From the time he was a young man, he felt drawn to the mysteries of the spiritual world that lay within him. He pursued his formal education in journalism, at Southern Illinois University. During his travels and studies, he met the famous Sufi Master Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani, from Cyprus. At once, he recognized the Sufi Master as his spiritual mentor and key to fathoming the unknown. His work strives to lessen the gap between the “authentic self” and our actual thoughts and actions.

Session 15c

Dr. R. Craig Hogan

R. Craig Hogan, PhD

Dr. R. Craig Hogan is the author of Your Eternal Self, presenting the scientific evidence that the mind is not confined to the brain. He proposes that the afterlife is a reality, that people’s minds are linked, and that the mind affects the physical world. Dr. Hogan’s book is hailed as “number one from the standpoint of offering the reader the full gamut of phenomena supporting the survival hypothesis in clear and concise language.” He developed the online Self-Guided Afterlife Connections procedure that has been used successfully by thousands of people. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, the Association for Evaluation and Communication of Evidence for Survival, and the American Society for Standards in Mediumship and Psychical Investigation.

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Dr. James & Dr. Desiree Hurtak

Dr. James & Dr. Desiree Hurtak

J.J. Hurtak, PhD, PhD, and Desiree Hurtak, PhD, MSSc, founded The Academy for Future Science, a UN affiliate. Together, they have co-authored several books, including Focus on Self Awakening and The Gospel of Mary, based on research conducted during their travels to Egypt, Mexico, and many other countries. They are the recipients of 14 international awards for their films on consciousness exploration. Dr. James Hurtak holds PhDs both in history and anthropological linguistics. Dr. Desiree Hurtak is co-founder of the Committee for Spiritual Values and Global Concerns. In 2012, she hosted a panel at the United Nations Rio+20 Summit, focused on youth and sustainable development, where she presented the Academy’s work with the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil.

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