The 42nd Annual SSF-IIIHS Int’l Conference
The World’s Longest Running Science and Spirituality Summit

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Jamye Price

Jamye Price

Jamye Price is a healer who goes into a conscious channelling state, channelling healing energies in the form of “Light Language,” toning, movement and emotions. Her presentation will enhance understanding of the integrated heart-mind complex, and connective communication with the cosmos in which we live.

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Dr. Michael Pyfrom

Michael Pyfrom, DC, RYT

Dr. Michael Pyfrom, chiropractor, researcher, lecturer and author integrates the ancient wisdom and modern science of chiropractic, yoga and religion as a wholistic approach to healing. He is the founder of the Clear View Research and Wellness Institute. Dr. Pyfrom firmly believes that the true path to health and wholeness begins within. “It’s in aligning spine and mind to the Divine that this awareness evolves. At the same time, it truly is Gods Grace that brings us home.”

Session 25b

Dr. Lilly Rahmann

Lilly Rahmann, PhD

Dr. Lilly Rahmann, Thai Reiki Master and author of Crystals Healing, is a gemologist with an uncanny ability to find rare, genuine, unique gemstones and crystals that she uses in her jewellery designs and workshops. Using the natural sources of crystals, minerals and plants, Dr. Rahmann’s workshops focus on Crystal Healing and Mineral and Phyto Therapy.

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Dr. Cairo P. Rocha

Cairo P. Rocha, PhD, OMD

Dr. Cairo Rocha has been teaching and practicing acupuncture and co-related natural healing therapies for more than 20 years. He holds a PhD in Natural Sciences from the University of New Mexico, and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (OMD) degree from the Tokyo Acupuncture Moxibustion and Jusei College in Japan. Dr. Rocha has travelled extensively and studied in Germany, France, the UK and the USA. He is the author of Anger Goes Up, Fear Goes Down: Emotions and the Hidden Link and is frequently asked to present workshops on health and healing in The Bahamas and abroad.

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Dr. Marilyn Rossner

Marilyn Rossner, PhD, EdD

Dr. Marilyn Rossner is the SSF founder-president, and the IIIHS co-founder and executive vice-president. She is a retired professor of special-care counselling, an award-winning children’s behaviour therapist, a yoga therapist trained by Swami Vishnu Devananda, an interfaith minister and a world-renowned intuitive. She is also the organizer and driving force behind the SSF-IIIHS Annual Conference.

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Dr. John G. Ryan

John G. Ryan, MD

Dr. John Ryan is an Associate Professor of Radiology at the University of Ottawa, a researcher and a fellowship director for postgraduate training. After experiencing a series of mystical events, he discovered the truth and power of spiritual energy and the consciousness basis of life and its potential to support healing. Founder of Unity Field Healing and author of The Missing Pill, he embraces the power of spiritual energy. Currently, he is exploring the quantum nature of DNA and its integral connection to the human spirit.

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Dr. Dorothy Sekhukhune, Psych N

Dr. Dorothy Sekhukhune, Psych N

Dr. Dorothy Sekhukhune is the Managing Executive of the Mosego and Takalani Homes in South Africa. she holds a Doctorate in Psychiatric Nursing, and is a Fellow of the Graduate School of Arts and Science at Harvard University. She also holds an Advanced Health Services Management Certificate and has completed the Executive Leadership Development Programme at Wits Business School, in Johannesburg. With over 35 years experience in private, public and international mental health-care services, Dr. Dorothy has acquired a vast amount of expertise. She shares her challenges in providing for the “poorest of the poor.”

Session 23b

Dr. Norman Shealy

Norman Shealy, MD, PhD

Dr. Norman Shealy is founder and CEO of the National Institute of Holistic Medicine. His clinical work includes comprehensive holistic management of pain, depression, anxiety and cardiovascular problems, using TENS, PEMF, Energy Genesis, Biogenetics and nutrition. In his workshop, he challenges participants to train the brain, mind and body to be happy, productive, effective and healthy. “At least 90% of your health depends on you.”

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Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Stephen Sinatra, MD

Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a board-certified cardiologist, has been practicing for more than 40 years. Certified as a bioenergetic psychotherapist and nutrition and anti-aging specialist, he integrates psychological, nutraceutical and electroceutical therapies in the matrix of healing. “Cellular vibration is the essence of life, and our goal in living a healthy life is to achieve a highter vibratory state in order to experience wellness and perhaps longevity.” Dr. Sinatra is the founder of HeartMD Institute™, and a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology and the American College of Nutrition.

Session 2

Dr. Barbara Stone

Barbara Stone, PhD

Dr. Barbara Stone is a psychotherapist and professor at Energy Medicine University, in Sausalito, CA. She is the developer of Soul Detective® Protocols to help energy therapists resolve the spiritual aspects of their clients’ emotional problems. Dr. Stone is the author of Invisible Roots: How Healing Past Life Trauma Can Liberate Your Present and Transforming Fear into Gold.

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Dr. Mary Swaine

Mary Swaine, PhD, ND, PMIAC

Dr. Mary Swaine is a counsellor, naturopath, energy worker, intuitive radionician, as well as a colour and sound therapist. She has written 14 books on health and healing, and established and managed the Art Therapy Department at Montréal Children’s Hospital. Dr. Swaine’s international reputation takes her to China where she trains professional therapists in her integrative techniques using sound, colour, and geometric information that comes through the joints and chakras.

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Dr. François Tessier

François Tessier, PhD

Dr. François Tessier is a member of the British Council for Complementary Therapies and founder of the Ayubowan Foundation, a NGO promoting the use of complementary health care to the needy. He has a private practice as an energy healing therapist, in Montréal, where he integrates Reiki, Quantum-Touch and ThetaHealing®. Dr. Tessier shares his research findings in the area of Energy Therapy as a Complementary and Primary mode of intervention.

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Dr. Emiliano Toso

Emiliano Toso, PhD

Dr. Emiliano Toso is a cellular biologist and composer of music dictated by deep emotional living states. Dr. Toso’s research also focuses on spirituality, exploring to the full such topics and techniques as Reiki, crystals and Shamanism. His research is very close to the new health perspectives offered by epigenetic studies that prove scientifically that our beliefs and our thoughts make us what we are. His Translational Music albums translate universal cell vibrations fostering physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This therapy music is used in hospitals, clinics, holistic centres and yoga centres by doctors, dentists, and other health professionals to foster calm and creativity, and to relieve anxiety and pain.

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Dr. Elaine Valdov

Elaine Valdov, PhD

Dr. Elaine Valdov is Secretary General of the Youth Assembly at the United Nations. She is the founder of the UN Outreach Project for a Culture of Peace. Dr. Valdov will explain the requirements for preparing programs that are in alignment with the United Nations Youth initiatives. Participants will be given all the tools and guidance necessary to develop feasible program plans for international humanitarian efforts.

Session 10d

Dr. Raul Valverde

Raul Valverde, PhD

Dr. Raul Valverde is a senior lecturer of IT Management at Concordia University, in Montréal. He has extensive background in engineering, management, philosophy, parapsychology and neuro economics. Dr. Valverde’s current research focuses on technologies and quantum consciousness models for psychology applications. He has published research in the Journal of Neuroquantology and the Journal of Consciousness Exploration and Research. His workshop will explore quantum consciousness and the theology of the Urantia book.

Session 28a

Dr. Sofia Villamarin

Dr. Sofia Villamarin

Dr. Sofia Villamarín is an Ophthalmology specialist. She has served as a physician in several Spanish hospitals, and runs her own private clinic, where her practice combines Eastern and Western medical approaches. Dr. Villamarin has discovered that the combination and integration of these two healing approaches allows one to get to the source of illness and resulting physical and emotional conditions. She has lectured throughout Europe, sharing her many success stories using this dynamic approach to healing.

Session 26b

Rev. John White

Rev. John White

Rev. John White has taught the spiritual sciences for over 35 years. He travels throughout the United States, Canada and India teaching about the many aspects of spirituality. He has appeared on The Discovery Channel, The Vision Channel, and on HBO, in the documentary No One Dies in Lily Dale. Rev. John is known for his ability to unite Eastern insight and Western mysticism, as he reveals the secrets of the ancients. He is the Vice-President and Co-founder of The Spiritual Science Fellowship, in Montréal, and is a beloved registered medium and resident of Lily Dale, New York.

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Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo

Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo

Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo is a unique spiritual teacher, a great-grandmother and musician carrying three intact streams of ancient spiritual wisdom. She is the 27th generation lineage holder of the ancestral Ywahoo lineage, in the Tsalagi-Cherokee tradition, as well as being a respected teacher of Vajrayana in the Drikung Kagyu and Nyingma traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Venerable is the Chief of the Wild Potato Clan of the Green Mountain Ani Yun Wiwa (Cherokee). She is the founder and spiritual director of Sunray Meditation Society, an international spiritual organization dedicated to world peace and reconciliation. She is also the founder of Sunray Peace Village in Lincoln, Vermont, a sanctuary based upon the Cherokee Peace Villages.

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Desda Zuckerman

Desda Zuckerman

Desda Zuckerman is a dynamic healer, speaker, teacher, writer and author of Your Sacred Anatomy. She is passionate about bringing her message of grounded transformation and the One Body conscious wellness to the world. Her workshops embody comprehensive research, knowledge and heightened sensitivities, honed by years of practice and insight. Desda is on the cutting edge of a new and expanding field, which has been distilled into Core Individuation™, an intentional healing modality. For the last thirty years, she has quietly taught classes, trained apprentices, and led healing sessions with thousands of clients. At last, these sacred anatomy teachings are publicly revealed to benefit all healers, seekers and students of human potential.

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