The 42nd Annual SSF-IIIHS Int’l Conference
The World’s Longest Running Science and Spirituality Summit

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Gisela Krützberg, MBA

Gisela Krützberg, MBA

Former international business manager and coach, Gisela Krützberg is the founder of the SCAVUG® holistic healing method for humans and animals. The SCAVUG method allows you to reconnect with yourself, the planetary grid and the Universe, so that you can develop all your potential talents, gifts, intuition and powers of self-healing. Gisela is a Healing Master for Animals (Energetic Healer), and translator of animal behaviour. She is currently involved in animal research and healing.

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Dr. Gannu Praveen Kumar

Gannu Praveen Kumar, PhD

Dr. Gannu Praveen Kumar is a Professor at the Sahasra Institue of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He has served on the faculties of the College of Pharmacy for Kakatiy University, Vaagdevi College and Talla Padmavathi College, and is currently an external examiner for post-graduate students. He is an international advisor to pharmaceutical companies, and has published research in international pharmaceutical journals and written for pharmaceutical textbooks. His current focus is on the cross-cultural implications of the Near Death Experience (NDE) and its impact on families, physicians, and friends. He also reviews best practices.

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Rev. Dr. Mikel Lizarralde

Rev. Mikel Lizarralde, PhD

Rev. Mikel has more than 12 years of teaching experience in the field of spiritualism and mediumship. He is regarded as the leading “Proof of Survival” medium in Spain, and has given lectures and workshops throughout Canada and the USA. Rev. Mikel completed his Doctorate in Therapeutic Counselling, and is a primary leader of the Spanish arm of the SSF. Rev. Mikel’s workshop helps you to develop and understand mediumship, and shows you how to use it in very practical ways.

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Dr. Constant A. Madon

Constant A. Madon, PhD

Former professor and financial broker, Dr. Constant Madon now focuses his talents on energy work and the body-mind-spirit connection that brings together the physical and spiritual worlds. His work gives you easy to understand techniques for getting your frequencies, vibrations and energies from the Universe. As you use these techniques, you will see how they fit seamlessly together, and how they can set you on the path of greater meaning and confidence in your choices. Dr. Madon is the co-author, with Busta Akong, of the book, Magical Encounters.

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Dr. Olga Mandodari

Olga Mandodari, PhD

Dr. Olga Mandodori received her Masters in Civil Engineering from the University of St. Petersburg, Russia, and holds an Associate Art and Science Degree in Interior Design from the USA. She is a certified Vaastu Shastra Consultant, and a disciple of the late Indian traditional architect Dr. V. Sthapati Ganapati, who relied on Vaastu Principles in all of his projects. Her first publication, Illustrated Research Papers on Mayonic Science and Technology of Kumari Continent, was recently published in India.

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Dr. Emily Markides

Emily Markides, PhD

Dr. Emily Markides is a professor at the University of Maine, where she launched the Peace Studies program and founded ESTIA, The International EcoPeace Community. In her workshop, she explores how people, dispossessed of their land, have been courageously taking on the powers of the establishment.

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Dr. Kyriacos Markides

Kyriacos Markides, PhD

Dr. Kyriacos Markides is a professor of Sociology at the University of Maine, and the author of 9 books, including The Mountain of Silence and Inner River: A Pilgrimage to the Heart of Christian Spirituality, that have been translated and published in 12 countries. He will present an overview of the historical, scientific and social forces leading humanity towards a new enlightenment, integrating the best of science and religion.

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Dr. Manuel Matas

Manuel Matas, MD, FRCPC

Dr. Manuel Matas is an esteemed psychiatrist, teacher and researcher. He is the author of The Borders of Normal: A Clinical Psychiatrist De-Stigmatizes Paranormal Phenomena. His current area of interest is meta-psychiatry, which represents the confluence of psychiatry with metaphysics, spirituality and philosophy. He explores the pervasion of spirituality in everyday life through an examination of our popular culture as it is expressed in music, movies, television, books, magazines, theatre and sports. By focusing on spirituality rather than pathology, we can elevate our thoughts, lift our moods, and connect with unity consciousness.

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Ed McGaa, JD

Ed McGaa, JD, “Eagle Man”

Dr. Ed McGaa, a.k.a. Eagle Man, is a registered Teton Oglala, born on the Pine Ridge Reservation. He became a Marine fighter pilot and flew 110 combat missions in Vietnam. Eagle Man holds a law degree from the University of South Dakota, and is the author of 12 books, including Mother Earth Spirituality; Nature’s Way; Native Wisdom; Calling to the White Tribe; and Spirituality for America. He speaks internationally on Gifts of the American Indian, and the track record of proven indigenous wisdom from the past, now desperately needed for modern society.

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Dr. Raymond Moody

Raymond Moody, MD, PhD

Dr. Raymond Moody is a world-renowned scholar, researcher and lecturer. He is the leading authority on “near-death experience,” a phrase he coined in the late 70’s. Dr. Moody imparts his vast knowledge garnered from working with those who have had NDEs. Through a series of exercises, participants in his workshop will reformat how they think about spiritual questions that have previously eluded logic, in a new rational way.

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Dr. Judith Moore

Judith K. Moore, PhD

Dr. Judith Moore awakened as a multi-dimensional conscious trance medium in 1992. She is an Oracle for the Records of Creation, entering visionary states to convey mystical transmissions. During these channeled experiences, while her consciousness transcends time and space, Dr. Moore is able to receive all communications that are for the highest good from the other side of the veil. She is an international author, lecturer, and peace ambassador who travels globally to open the heart bridge and activate the living hologram of the New Earth.

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Dr. Melvin Morse

Melvin Morse, MD

Dr. Melvin Morse, is a pediatrician and author, who, for 20 years, served as an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Washington. His international best-seller, Closer to the Light, describes the near-death experiences of children, and his follow-up book, Transformed by the Light, documents their ensuing long-term positive transformations. He has published articles and received awards for his research on spiritual healing, remote viewing and other aspects of human consciousness. Dr. Morse is co-director of the Recidivism Prevention Group which successfully treats addicts and ex-offenders through meditation and other techniques.

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Karen Newell

Karen Newell

Co-founder of Sacred Acoustics™, Karen Newell is an innovator in the emerging field of brainwave entrainment audio meditation. Select tones and frequencies reduce the brain’s filtering effect and allow consciousness to be set free. Karen teaches how to enter and engage one’s consciousness in order to connect to inner guidance, achieve inspiration, improve wellness and develop intuition.

Session 9c

Dr. Valentina Onisor

Valentina Onisor, MD

Dr. Valentina Onisor received her medical degree at Iuliu Hațieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy, in Romania. After 14 years of allopathic conventional practice and looking for the missing link in complete healing, Dr. Onisor realized that most people need an integrative approach for optimum results and peak health. She has studied and practiced various branches of ancient medicine, traditional yoga and consciousness development methods, and has committed herself to attaining results with integrative holistic modalities. She serves as a Quantum Integrative Medicine consultant at the Center for Quantum Activism.

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Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich

Sam Semir Osmanagich, PhD

Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich discovered an ancient pyramid complex in Bosnia in 2005, and has since continued to investigate these ancient man-made structures. His doctoral dissertation at the University of Sarajevo focused on ancient Mayan Civilization. He served as Director of the Center for Archaeology at the American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and was the Founder of the Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation. Dr. Osmanagich is a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the Croatian Academy of Science and Art. He has authored 16 books on ancient civilizations and pyramids around the world that have been translated into 17 languages. He is the recipient of the United States Congressional Certificate of Recognition “for continuous support in promoting cultural and economic independence for people new to the USA.”

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Dr. Marilyn Parkin

Marilyn Parkin, PhD

Dr. Marilyn Parkin has been a practicing medical intuitive for many years. She completed her doctoral studies in the Energy Medicine program designed by Dr. Norman Shealy and Dr. Caroline Myss. Her PhD achievement is complemented by her graduate degrees in Sociology and Psychology, and her many years in nursing practice. Dr. Parkin teaches Energy Awareness seminars worldwide, and is the founder of the International College of Medical Intuition, Inc., which opened in September 2002, and is the first of its kind to be government regulated through the Ministry of Advanced Education. Program classes have been held in New York, Hawaii and Vancouver.

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Hasu Patel

Hasu Patel

Composer, performer and educator, Hasu Patel is one of the few world-class artists performing the classical music of India known as Raga Sangeet on the sitar, India’s most popular string instrument. She plays in a very unique style known as Gayaki Ang, where the sitar replicates the fluidity and subtle nuances of the human voice. She has dedicated her life to preserving this highly evolved music.

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Dr. Eric Pearl

Eric Pearl, DC

Dr. Eric Pearl walked away from one of the most successful chiropractic practices in Los Angeles when he and others started witnessing miraculous healings. Since that time, he has committed himself to imparting the light and information of his Reconnective Healing process through extensive lectures and seminars about “The Reconnection.” Dr. Pearl has appeared on several American and international television programs. He has spoken at the United Nations, and presented to a full house at Madison Square Garden. His seminars have been featured in various publications including The New York Times.

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Paul Perry

Paul Perry

Paul Perry is the co-author of four New York Times bestsellers including Saved by the Light, which was made into a popular movie, and Evidence of an Afterlife, a scientific exploration of near-death experiences and what their similarities tell us about an afterlife. His work has been published in more than 30 languages around the world. Perry is also a documentary film maker, best known for the documentary film, Jesus: The Lost Years, which follows the trail believed to have been used by the Holy Family as they fled into Egypt. His documentary Afterlife, explores mankind's most nagging question, “What happens when we die?”

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