The 45th Annual SSF-IIIHS Int’l Conference
2022 Visions of Tomorrow


2022 Visions of Tommorow

DoubleTree by Hilton Montréal
1255 Jeanne-Mance, Montréal, QC
August, 2025

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Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, we were forced to postpone the 45th Annual SSF-IIIHS International Conference to August 2022. Now, because of venue restrictions, we must again postpone until August 2025. However, most of the presenters who had planned to participate in the 2022 conference have agreed to present in 2025. Here's the scoop:

Now in its 45th iteration, the SSF-IIIHS International Conference once again brings together pioneers at the frontiers of scientific, religious, and cultural discovery.

Better understanding of humanity’s place in a multidimensional and psychoenergetic universe may help usto overcome artificial conceptual barriers that Western civilization has created, between intuition and reason, mind and body, and religion and science. By working together towards the creation of a more humane model for transcultural education and advanced research, we may reignite our highest aspirations for recognition and agreement on shared human values. New paradigms in “future sciences” may enable us to achieve international peace and understanding in the years ahead.

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Sixty-eight great reasons to attend this ten-day forum!

Patch Adams, MD

American physician, social activist, clown, and author

Véronique Bohbot, PhD

Memory expert and spatial memory researcher

Gaétan Brouillard, MD

Auteur de best-seller « La santé repensée »

John G. Ryan, MD

Radiology Professor; author of “The Missing Pill”

Anthony Cicoria, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon who developed a sudden musical interest and aptitude after being struck by lightning

James Gilliland

ECETI founder; UFO contactee; author of “Reunion with Source,” and others

José María Poveda de Agustín

Spanish doctor of Philosophy and Neuropsychiatry; author and researcher

Drs J.J. & Desiree Hurtak

Social scientists; authors of “The Keys of Enoch®” and “The Overself Awakening”

Yvonne Kason, MD

Physician (ret.); transpersonal psychotherapist; spiritually-transformative & near-death experience researcher

Kelley Lynn

Actor, comedian, TED talk speaker; author of “My Husband Is Not a Rainbow”

Raymond Moody, MD

Psychiatrist and NDE pioneer; author of “Life After Life”

Luján Comas

Spainsh anesthesiologist focussed on integrative medicine; vice-president, Metta Hospice Foundation; writer, lecturer and author

Eric Pearl, DC, and Jillian Fleer

Founder of Reconnective Healing®; author of “The Reconnection”

Joan Piquer García

Tibetan Reiki master and writer; guide to the magic and spirit of Japan

Michael Salla, PhD

Exopolitics pioneer; global politics scholar

Marisol Alvaradointuitive healer and counsellor from Mexico

Janine Ambrose, PhD — life coach, Reiki master, metaphysics instructor and sound healing researcher

Linda Backman, EdD — regression therapist and psychologist; author of “Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives”

Rommel Baduyfounder of Kaizen Tree and creator of Sand Mandala Art Meditation

Meena Balitherapeutic yoga-for-healing specialist, incorporating the wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga sutras; disciple of Sri Dr. Madan Bali

David BarcosSpanish NLP therapist and accomplished musician

Gilles Beaudry, PhD — trained in energy work and personal development; healing-through-love-and-forgiveness researcher

Sonal BhattAyurvedic physician & Panchkarma specialist

Alain Baiss, MA — psychotherapist and filmaker; co-producer of the documentary film “Conscious”

Hannah Brockowharp therapy practitioner; aromatherapist at the CHUM superhospital; certified naturotherapist

Paru ClarkeNew Zealand teacher, spiritual healer and Energy counsellor

Donna Nisha Cohen, MS — wellness educator, spiritual counsellor; Holistic Health Community, Inc., coordinator

Luján ComasSpainsh anesthesiologist focussed on integrative medicine;  vice-president, Metta Hospice Foundation; writer and lecturer; co-author of “¿Existe la muerte? Ciencia, vida y trascendencia” and “La muerte y el morir”

Douglas J. Cottrell, PhD — clairvoyant; Quantum Meditation™ pioneer; author of “Conversations with the Akashic Field”

Bishop Kevin Daniels, DMin, EdD — pastor in Baltimore, MD; Social Work professor at Morgan State University

Emilie Desmondanimal communicator; Interspecies Coaching and Animal Massage Therapy certified practitioner

John DeSouzaformer FBI special agent working counter-terrorism and paranormal cases; author of “The Para-Investigators” and “The Extra-Dimensionals,” among others

Elaine Drysdale, MD — psychiatrist and University of British Columbia professor; near-death researcher

Bart EdelDutch blues guitarist and singer; neurofeedback trainer

Ana Francisca García Trelles, PhD — Spanish Yoga instructor, minister and clairvoyant

Joseh Garcia, PhD — Brazilian psychologist and multi-talented artist; co-producer of “Conscious”

Alejandro GonzálezUFO contactee from Mexico; lectures on his multiple alien experiences

Rev. Paula GuíaSpanish medium, Tarot reader and teacher

Shadia HabibTraditional Chinese Internal Arts & Energy Medicine instructor and practitioner

Shaykh Abdul HaqqNaqshbandi-Sufi leader and scholar

Rev. Barry King, PhD — registered spiritual practitioner and master spiritual medium

Rev. Mikel Lizarralde, PhD — internationally recognized Spanish medium and founder of IZARPE, an SSF affiliate

Emily Markides, PhD — sociologist; Peace & Reconciliation professor at the University of Maine

Kyriacos Markides, PhD — sociology professor; author of seven books on Christian mysticism

Anadi Martelphysicist and researcher in therapeutic applications of light

Rev. Africa Martin, PhD — Spanish teacher, therapist, and medium

Manuel Matas, MD — psychiatrist whose focus is the confluence of psychiatry with metaphysics, spirituality and philosophy

Aythamy Mesa, PhD — Spanish medium, spiritual healer and teacher; SSF-IIIHS and IZARPE trained

Adhi Moonien Two-Owls, PhD — shaman, artist, educator

Rev. Kathy Nyitrai, ND — naturopath, medium, spirit artist, and fashion designer

Christopher Papadopoulosspiritual teacher; author of “Peace and Where to Find It”

Hasu Patelworld-class Indian classical sitarist, composer and educator

Ma Premopsychotherapist; co-creator of the Sensora multi-sensorial system

Rev. Jean-Marc Quesnelinterfaith minister, tarot reader, and medium

Lilly Rahmann, PhD — naturopath specializing in phytotherapy and minerals; author of “Crystals Healing”

Rev. Karin Reimers, PhD — therapeutic counsellor; self-regulation coach; astrologer; physiotherapist

Cairo Rocha, PhD — Brazilian-born doctor of Oriental Medicine

Marilyn Rossner, PhD — SSF founder; special-care-counselling professor (ret.)

Sandra SogasSpanish past-life regression therapist; Akashic Records expert; psychic artist

François Tessier, PhD — Energy Healing practitioner; Reiki master

Daniel Tinocopart of the Kaizen Tree crew whose focus is mindfulness meditation

Elaine Valdov, PhD — psychotherapist & former UN DPI/NGO Exec. Comm. chair

Rev. Raul Valverde, PhD — director, BTM program, Concordia U.; computing, neuroscience, quantum physics and psychology researcher

Cornelia Wathen, PhD — Brennan Healing Science and Soaring Crane Qigong certified; co-founder of Holistic Health Community, lnc.

Craig Sim Webbdream-inspired musical artist, physicist, and a dream researcher/analyst/author who was part of the pioneering lucid dream research teams at Stanford University and Montreal's Sacré-Coeur Hospital

Rev. P.T. Wilson, DMin, PhD — United Methodist pastor; certified Spiritual Healer

Here are some examples of the spirit-filled musical talent the will create the soundtrack for this year’s conference.

Conference Pricing

The SSF-IIIHS Annual Conference has always been extremely affordable. The three sections — Weekend 1, College Week and Weekend 2 — include 28 lecture-workshops, as well as concerts and morning meditations. Prices increase periodically until opening day, when the full-conference “at the door” package price will be $510 (including the Patch Adams special). Individual sessions and one-day passes will be available once scheduling has been finalized.

Visiting SSF intuitives offer Private Benefit Readings for spiritual education and recreation, at mealtimes throughout the ten-day event. Intuitives volunteer their services as a benefit activity for the SSF, a registered charity. Please make appointments in advance, at the conference desk.

The views of each speaker are personal and do not necessarily reflect those of other speakers, or of the sponsoring organizations. All speakers are confirmed at this time. However, should anyone be unable to attend (for any reason), the committee will provide substitute speakers and/or topics.

Conference Refund Policy: 75% refund up to 4 months prior to event; 50% refund up to 2 months prior to event; 25% refund up to 1 month prior to event; 0% refund within 1 month of event.

“Attending the IIIHS Conference awakened me to my own inner strength and capabilities.”

Georgina, Florida

Super early bird full-conference special:
$360, if paid by September 30, 2024

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