The 43rd Annual SSF-IIIHS Int’l Conference
The premier conference for harmonious integration of Science and Spirituality

Living the Divine Potential: Where Science Meets Spirituality

Tune-up your inner harmony with ten days of spiritual learning
Hôtel Hyatt Regency
1255 Jeanne-Mance, Montréal, QC
2018/08/10 – 2018/08/19

Balancing outer material pursuits with inner spiritual tranquility demands an intuitive awareness of guidance from Higher Realms of Consciousness. When inspired by a Divine Spiritual Connection, the new humanity can live more creatively and enjoy optimal happiness and joy in life. Don’t miss this ten-day conference featuring over 50 presenters.


Re-examine and release current beliefs while challenging the cultural conditioning that holds you back from fully expressing your true, divine nature.


Experience the special magic that comes from meeting speakers in person and networking with others who are cultivating a greater level of self-awareness and more skillful living.


Discover a new passion and purpose in your life no matter what your age.

What You’ll Learn

View of attendees at the 2016 conference

We’ve gathered leading experts from the fields of integrative health, wisdom traditions, energy medicine, psychic and spiritual sciences, quantum physics, nutrition, neuroscience, creativity, global peace, near-death research, life-after-death, remote viewing, Ayurvedic science, shamanism, consciousness studies, spirituality, soul retrieval, and more, all of whom will share their practical wisdom and scientific research.

You’ll walk away with key insights and powerful strategies which support …


personal empowerment


heightened spirituality


the body-mind-spirit connection


deeper connection with Self and others


expanded creativity


paradigm shifts on life and death

A Gathering of Brilliant and Influential Minds

60 Speakers from the Four Corners of the World

Dr. Patch Adams

Dr. Patch Adams • American physician, social activist, humanitarian, and author

Dr. Eben Alexander

Dr. Eben Alexander • neurosurgeon and New York Times best-selling author of “Proof of Heaven” and “The Map of Heaven”

Immaculee Ilibagiza

Immaculée Ilibagiza • author of “Left to Tell; Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust”

Dr. Raymond Moody

Dr. Raymond Moody • psychiatrist and NDE pioneer

Dr. Diane Corcoran

Diane K. Corcoran • former Army Nurse; researches the NDE’s of service members and veterans

Karen Newell

Karen Newell • co-founder of Sacred Acoustics™, specializing in brain entrainment audio meditations

Dr. Amit Goswami

Dr. Amit Goswami • theoretical quantum physicist

Gaelynn Lea

Gaelynn Lea • violinist and singer; NPR Tiny Desk Contest winner (2016)

Dr. Nauman Naeem

Dr. Nauman Naeem • pulmonary and critical care specialist; author of “Healing from the Inside Out”

Ana Claret

Ana Claret • founder of “Universo Holístico”

Dr. Jeffrey Long

Dr. Jeffrey Long • oncologist; author of “Evidence of the Afterlife”

Dr. Valentina Onisor

Dr. Valentina Onisor • family doctor, holistic medicine practitioner, and quantum integrative medicine consultant

Dr. Christine Page

Dr. Christine Page • mystical physician; author of seven books, including “Frontiers of Health”

Dr. John Ryan

Dr. John Ryan • Radiology professor; author of “The Missing Pill”

Dr. Ibrahim Karim

Dr. Ibrahim Karim • BioGeometry researcher

Alfredo Alcazar — Spanish spiritual teacher, metaphysician and co-founder of Mindalia Televisión

David Barcos — Spanish NLP therapist and accomplished musician

Dr. Fadel Behman — insightful physicist, researcher and holistic energy expert

Sonal Bhatt — Ayurvedic physician & Panchkarma specialist

Dr. Véronique Bohbot — memory expert and spatial memory researcher

Dawn Bramadat — Noetic Bodywork therapist and guardian of the HeartRoot Farm

Susan Campbell-Fournel, PhD — education psychologist; certified nutrition educator and coach

Paru Clarke — New Zealand teacher, spiritual healer and Energy counsellor

Bishop Dr. Kevin Daniels — pastor in Baltimore, MD; Social Work professor at Morgan State U.

Dr. Ana Francisca García Trelles — Spanish Yoga instructor, minister and clairvoyant

Rev. Paula Guia Marco — Spanish medium, clairvoyant, Tarot reader & teacher

Shaykh Abdul Haqq — Naqshbandi-Sufi leader and scholar

Mara Jancsikin, PhD — expert in Eastern Spiritualism; Qi-Gong instructor; creator of natural products

Myriam Jozsa — transformation specialist, spiritual teacher and award-winning designer

Drs Ginette & Linda Kemp — certified energy workers, Crystal Healing practitioners and Sacred Sound Healing teachers

Benoit Lapierre — author, teacher and practitioner specializing in BrainGym® and Educational Kinesiology, among others

Rev. Dr. Mikel Lizarralde — internationally recognized Spanish medium and founder of IZARPE, an SSF affiliate

Kyra Lober — master therapist & spiritual teacher

Eva Lopez — Spanish spiritual teacher, metaphysician and co-founder of Mindalia Televisión

Mark Macy — Instrumental Transcommunication researcher

Constant Madon, PhD — retired professor and broker, focussing on energy work and the body-mind-spirit connection

Dr. Emily Markides — sociologist; President of ESTIA: The International EcoPeace Community

Dr. Kyriacos Markides — sociology professor; author of seven books on Christian mysticism

Anadi Martel — physicist; researcher in therapeutic applications of light

Dr. Manuel Matas — psychiatrist whose focus is the confluence of psychiatry with metaphysics, spirituality and philosophy

Leah Mohammed — Love Energetics® energy healer

Emily Molefe — the “Mother Teresa” of Atteridgeville; founder-director of the Lebuwe Centre for people with disabilities

Mpho Molefe — attorney-deacon in the African Church

Dr. Adhi Moonien Two-Owls — shaman, artist, educator

Judith Moore, PhD — conscious trance medium; author of “A New Formula for Creation,” and others

Aurora Murillo Gonzalez — Spanish psychologist; ThetaHealing® instructor

Rev. Kathy Nyitrai — naturopath, medium, spirit artist, and fur fashion designer

Hasu Patel — world-class Indian classical sitarist, composer and educator

PrinCess Jeaneé — remote viewer; leading researcher at The Farsight Institute

Lilly Rahmann, PhD — gemologist; Reiki master and author of “Crystals Healing”

Rev. Karin Reimers, PhD — therapeutic counselor, self-regulation coach, physiotherapist and astrologer

Daniel Richard — spiritual healer, teacher and mantra expert

Dr. Cairo Rocha — Brazilian-born doctor of Oriental Medicine

Dr. Marilyn Rossner — SSF founder; special-care-counselling professor (ret.)

Dr. Norman Shealy — neurosurgeon; founder of the National Institute of Holistic Medicine

Mary Swaine, PhD — intuitive radionician and multi-therapist

Dr. Emiliano Toso — composer, cell biologist and spirituality researcher

Dr. Elaine Valdov — psychotherapist & former UN DPI/NGO Exec. Comm. chair

Raul Valverde, PhD — director, BTM program, Concordia U.; computing, neuroscience, quantum physics and psychology researcher

Keith Varnum — expert in native tribal cultures, ancient spiritual traditions and Dream Workshops

Rev. John White — mystic, medium and teacher

Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo — author, motivational speaker and musician

The speakers will be joined by a host of talented singers and musicians

Hasu Patel and Shawn Mativesky perform at the 2016 conference

Conference Tuition

We’ve made our prices extremely affordable so that as many people as possible can take advantage! The conference includes 29 lecture-workshops, 7 concerts and 9 morning meditations. Until June 10, 2018, the Early Bird Full Conference Package (all 10 days; all 29 sessions) is just $450. Early bird prices will increase periodically until opening day of our event, when the price at the door will be $495. Individual sessions, full-day passes, and weekday and weekend packages are all available. A purchase of Four Full Conference Packages will entitle you to a Fifth Full Conference Package FREE.

“Attending the IIIHS Conference awakened me to my own inner strength and capabilities.”

Georgina, Florida

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